Welcome to My Web Site

Hello and welcome to my blog, I am Mistress Eve, a London escort and all round good time girl! I have lived in London for the last six years, originally from the outskirts of London but with a Portuguese mother and an English father, I guess that is where my exotic looks come from.

I have been an escort in London for all of the six years I have lived in London, part time at first to fund my studies and now working full time. I originally set out to be an Economist, doing a degree in economics which I just about completed, but when I started to realize the potential that being a London escort brought me, I soon moved away from my area of study and became a full time escort.

My escorting started like many girls my age, I was struggling for money, making my student loan stretch, I had time on my hand and was sick and tired of all the crap that went with bar jobs. The guys who frequented the bar used to proposition me every day and think it was fine for them to look and touch. It was one such day where I gave a guy such a put down that he left with his tail between his legs and that is when I met Jane who it turned out, was an escort girl as one of the Chelsea escorts.

She came up to the bar and congratulated me on how I had dealt with the idiot earlier and we began to chat. She was very beautiful, tall, dark hair, a great body and sexy eyes. I have to admit, I had slept with several women, as well as men at university and I wanted to see more of Jane. Well one thing led to the other and I ended up back at hers. We got down and dirty and it was amazing, she really knew her way around a woman. Later we talked and it was during this chat that she told me she was working as a London escort. I was shocked at first but intrigued. Then she told me of the money she earned and the gifts that her clients gave her. She was also very clear about how kind and respectful her clients were, nothing like the ass holes in the bar I was working.

I wanted to know more so she arranged for me to go and see a guy who ran the agency she worked for. He was great and told me about the great life that a London escort led, as well as the pitfalls that the profession may bring. He was very honest and told me, should I wish to go on a date he could fix me up with Jane to go and see a client who he knew was visiting London the very next week. I agreed and I have never looked back.

In my next post I will tell you all about my first London escort booking with Jane.